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Why Art Matters too...

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

Still, to this day, there is some stigma attached to studying an ‘Arts’ degree as opposed to a ‘STEM’ degree. “It’s a soft subject,” some might say about the ‘arty’ choices.

contemporary design inspired by David Carson

Well, I’m here to shut that stigma down.

Studying an art subject is not easy, contrary to popular belief. Having been on both sides of the higher education coin in my studies (science and art) I can tell you this much: an art degree requires you to break out of your comfort zone, take risks and push yourself creatively and emotionally in every project you undertake. Perseverance, passion and interpretation.

Studying Graphic Design has inspired me in ways I would never have expected. To me, that’s real, unrestricted education. Because of the unrestricted nature of the degree, graphic design makes your brain very active. It requires you to problem-solve, left,right and centre, which challenges you and consequently ensures you're performing at your best.

Art and design is in and around almost everything - from the food packaging that caught your eye and enticed you in the supermarket, to the design of the chair that you’re (probably) sitting on reading this.

The world needs arty people too, along with stem people. Both are of great importance, just, for different reasons.

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